How it works…

Using SMS2 to send a SMS text message via email is very simple.

Follow the initial steps below and we can get your account up and running very quickly.



Make sure your username is a single word and no longer than 11 characters. This will be used to identify you to your customers and the name your SMS text messages will appear from.


The email address you enter will be used to authorise you to send SMS text messages through our gateway via email. Without a valid email address you wont be able to send any text messages.


Once your account is registered it is manually checked for fraud protection purposes. You will then be assigned a unique “SMS2”email address for you to use when sending SMS messages.

  • YOUR SMS2 EMAIL ADDRESS – How to send a SMS Text Message

Once you have received your unique SMS2 email address, simply send an email to the mobile number at that address from the email address that you registered, in the following format e.g.


Further tips and tricks will be sent out once your account has been successfully registered and configured.